What's new with VTM
Here are the latest updates and features.

Redesigned from the ground up with a new look and more functionality with security built in from the start

We’ve totally redesigned VTM from scratch and have improved its functionality, look, and security. We take the security of our client’s data and information very seriously, and our new VTM takes advantage of all the latest security and technology available. Click here to securely log in and view your user profile. If you don’t have a VTM account, today for more information!

New Dashboard features for viewing upcoming Tasks

Our new redesigned dashboard makes it easier than ever to view upcoming tasks. Tasks that are overdue are flagged as red and Tasks with upcoming due dates are yellow. We’ve added the ability to filter your Tasks to view upcoming or overdue Tasks. An additional filter has been added to view Tasks by category (Environmental, Maintenance, Safety).

Enhanced Company Administrator functionality

Company admins will still be able to edit, add and view all of the information for their company sites. Additionally, they will be able to define and customize the features the other company Contacts are able to access, providing far more flexibility for you and your employees.

New Site page with more features

Our newly designed Site page provides all of the information for each of your facilities in one place. We’ve included a link to a Google map which is completely interactive. The new tabs and menus provide a clean look and an easy-to-navigate interface.

Upgraded Task page with additional notification and tracking functionality

In addition to the re-designed Task screens, we’ve added functionality to the Task features in VTM. A company admin has the ability to assign not only a Responsible Party to a task, but also an Assigned To contact. Both Contacts will receive Notifications regarding the Task and will have the ability to mark the Task complete; however, the Task will not be closed in the system until the Responsible Party marks it complete with the date completed. This feature enables a new layer of notification regarding Task status and completion.

Unlimited Reminders with new, easy-to-use interface

As with the original VTM system, each Task can be customized with a schedule of email reminders to notify Responsible Parties and their managers of the Task status. With the new VTM, the company admin can set up an unlimited number of Reminders for each Task.

New Responsive design

Our new VTM has been designed to provide the same experience regardless of whether you are using a desktop computer, a laptop, or a cell phone. The site will automatically adjust it's layout to provide the best experience no matter what screen size you are using.